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Super Affiliate System 3.0 Review

     Hope you’re all doing well. If you’re reading this review right now you might be doing some research on John Crestani’s super affiliate system 3.0. So super affiliate system 3.0 is version 3 of John Crestani’s super affiliate system. This is a 12-week training program originally and now what he’s done is he’s updated it with a whole bunch of videos and he sort of lays it out over a six week period. John Crestani is A super successful affiliate marketer, he’s a super affiliate, he’s made multiple millions of dollars in the affiliate marketing industry, he’s had a product called the internet jet set system in the past and this is more of an upgrade on exactly how that course works. So what are you actually getting in the course? The 12 week course is  very very extensive. The thing about affiliate marketing is there’s just so many people out there who don’t really understand how to do affiliate marketing properly and they continue to release courses that aren’t that great but this actually is a good course, it’s very very detailed, lots of paid marketing strategies and version 3.0 has been trimmed down to 6 weeks instead of 12 weeks, John talks about how to get set up, he talks about how to choose the right niche, he talks about advanced marketing techniques and then he goes into a lot of paid advertising, how to do paid advertising on Facebook on Google, how to do paid advertising on YouTube ads and native advertising. John also goes over how to scale a successful ad campaign and the importance of having available capital to scale and how to get extra capital to scale when the time is right. He goes over in great detail: how to automate your business so that you can actually do the things you want to do. This is a very detailed course and its not for everyone. Certainly this course is not for the faint-hearted. The super affiliate system is also not the cheapest course at just $997 at the time of this Review. There is a bit of an investment to be made here. However the amount of detail and hand holding that is provided in the Super affiliate system 3.0 is very impressive! 

     The super affiliate system’s main focus is on paid advertising, another thing that you need to understand about being able to succeed as an affiliate marketer as outlined in the course is that there are a few tools that you will need to invest money and time in such as a funnel builder, tracking software, and an autoresponder. All of which will cost a little more than 150 dollars per month. Johns approach to starting an affiliate marketing business does require a bit of money to get started, so if you are strapped for cash than this program may not be for you. Speaking from personal experience affiliate marketing on any kind of repeatable scale does require money and time up front. So no, it’s not too far fetched to be on the hook for a few hundred dollars per month on just software for tracking, emailing, and other niche specific tools. The SAS program has a level of detail that I have not seen in the past from other programs that I have reviewed so for that I feel good about giving it a 4.7 out of 5.

So John Crestani has been around for a very very long time just crushing it with affiliate marketing or just the whole “making money online” niche period. The only thing that I would say could be a bit of a hurdle for some people is the cost of the program. At $997 no it’s not the cheapest, but you are getting basically a cheat sheet, you are essentially skipping the trial and error phase that Many affiliate marketers including myself go through before having any level of success. Look if you’re reading this review than I’m guessing you are ready to move forward or almost ready to move forward and fast track your affiliate marketing success. You can spend countless hours watching youtube videos that will give you a ton of Fantastic information. In fact so much information that it’s incredibly difficult to stay focused on one particular subject and achieve success. Trust me i have been down that path before and I still at times struggle with staying focused on what’s proven and known to work. This is exactly where I feel the super affiliate system 3.0 shines the best. The system works very well as long as you follow it as intended and stay focused which is incredibly easy to do with the Super affiliate system because everything is laid out for you in great detail. The amount of effert that went into this product is…. Well i’m not sure it could be created alone.

So i have been doing online marketing now for at least 10 years, I have done a lot of product reviews, i have tried MLM, eCommerce, drop shipping, etc, etc. Pretty much everything under the sun i have tried it. My first 7 years i had no idea what I was doing and spent quite a lot of money on products like this, most of them were lower quality and did not provide as much quality and value. To be honest I did not get much results from following methods outlined in other courses and that’s because people were not teaching you how to do it right. You need to understand how to set up presale pages, how to build a relationship with the people online and so it took me a long time to finally achieve A good amount of success with online marketing but when i finally figured it out everything changed and the thing about learning how to market online is all about understanding how to get people to know, like, and trust you. So if your not willing to learn how to become a great marketer than you will never succeed in affiliate marketing. Gone are the days where you could just send a whole bunch of solo leads or random traffic to a sales page and make bank. The problem is that most ofther systems out there right now are still teaching the same methods that are no longer working and they don’t teach you that you need to offer value to the customer before you can expect any kind of conversions. I was using that that same model of marketing for a long time, done for you websites, and all that gobbly gook. This was the reason I was not seeing the results I had hoped to achieve, and that’s the reason why 90% of affiliate marketers will fail. 

You know when i first started to achieve some level of success as an affiliate marketer I had went through a course that was quite similar to the super affiliate system. I don’t quite remember the name of the course unfortunately but i was a little bit more expensive than Johns super affiliate course. I mean there are a lot of courses out there that are pretty good. But i have not seen many that teaches you in such detail, with a focus on changing your mindset as well. I am sure there is something that is less expensive and will give you similar results. But I don’t have a product that I could recommend that is a good alternative.

The price; I do not feel like it should not be as expensive as it is. Yes i do realize there is a lot of information in this course with a lot of resources and some of which have not seen anywhere else online. But if you look at it from the angle that this course will save you thousands of dollars on wasted ad spend. You won’t have to experiment until you find the correct audiences. The course shows you how to do the targeting that works for pretty much any niche. There are some aspects of this course that i wish were left out because it just seems a little too obvious and im not sure many people will get any value out of.

You know in conclusion I don’t think I would have any problem recommending the Super Affiliate system 3.0 to anyone that is willing to invest money and time into themselves in order to fast track their success as an affiliate marketer.